DEVELOPMENT IN NORTH EAST: Meghalaya Under the Sixth Schedule


ISBN 9789391982065


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ISBN 9789391982065


This book makes a comprehensive study of development in North East India focusing on the Autonomous District Council (ADC) areas of Meghalaya under the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India. Spread over five chapters, this book begins with a larger perspective of colonial anthropology that justified the rule of difference in North East India and related the rule of difference with the colonial modality of development which drained out the incredible resources from this region. After transfer of power, territorial autonomy for the tribes of Assam, not their development, engaged the state builders and the regional leaders. In this light, this book tracks the roadmap of the Autonomous District Council under the Sixth Schedule in Meghalaya and makes critical reflections upon the developmental functions of the institution. This book then re-examines the developmental role of ADC under market economy which found a new geography of opportunity in the ADC areas of Meghalaya and unveils the emerging challenges of development and social opportunity of the people living in the ADC areas of Meghalaya.

Asok Kumar Rayis a scholar on North East India. He has authored and co-edited several books and has written many research papers on North East India. He was a visiting fellow at OKDISCD, Guwahati.


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