Marxism as Scientific Enterprise


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ISBN 9789350022757


In this colletion of essays the eminent social scientist, Dr. P.C. Joshi, argues that Marxism needs to be extended beyond the traditional confines set by Lenin and Mao in order to remain relevant in societies in which individuals have freedom of political expression and which are witnessing gigantic strides in communication technology. In democratic societies with a vibrant media, the Lenin-Mao inspired templates of conspiracy and peoples’ war carry far less traction than in autocracies where communicsm has been successful. Dr. Joshi argues that democracy is ingrained in the spirit and legacy of Marx and the two can be true partners in social development. This requires tapping into classes and strata not considered by mainstream Marxists such as intermediate classes, intellectuals and bureaucrats, and harnessing the liberating potential offered by advances in technology.

Dr. P.C. Joshiwas an eminent scholar who enjoys wide recognition for his mutlidisciplinary approach to social science research as well as his role as policy advisor, social activist and writer. He has been associated with the Planning Division of the Indian Statistical Institute (1955-57), the Delhi School of Economics (1957-62), and the Instittue of Economic Growth (1962-91) as Professor and then last four years as Director. In his 86th year, he continues to actively write on economic, social and cultural policy as well as on Hindi literature and poetry. A leading contributor to development and social change studies in India, he is the author of 17 studies in English and 12 studies in Hindi.


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