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ISBN 9789350024812


The present work is the next in the series on impact of STR (scientific and technological revolution) on society.The book argues that the constituent elements of the industrial order of things are dissolving under the diluting power of the electronics, in particular, the software.

With the ongoing dissolution of the machine and the tool, new questions are being posed about the nature of social development. The largest scales of capitalist means of production, ownership and production are threatened. Distinctive laws of capitalist mode of production are losing their operation one by one. Many of them are getting suspended. Features of an emerging post-capitalist order are discernable today.Primacy of production is lost, replaced by the production of information and images. Mode of production is being replaced by a mode of information. Industrial revolution and the structures created by it are being replaced by information revolution and its structures.

A giant, historic transition is taking place from capitalism to post-capitalism.

The book re-examines all the basic concepts of capitalism: production, its mode, work, labour, value, commodity, worker, and others. Capitalism is going beyond itself., losing classical identity.

Scientific theory needs to be taken to new levels to interpret the new developments.

Anil Rajimwale is a well-known authority on social impact of scientific and technological revolution (STR). He is one of the very few theoreticians breaking free from the obsolete classical industrial concepts, taking scientific theory to new levels. He is also an authority on Marxist theory. He did his post-graduation in Botany, transiting to broader areas of natural and social sciences. He began his career as a student leader, with wide practical experience, without giving up theoretical research.Anil Rajimwale has authored books on ‘The Particle and Philosophy in Crisis’, STR and post-industrial society, history of student movement in India, ‘Dialectics of Environment and Development’ (in two volumes), labour movement, socio-political questions, etc. He has written a large number of books, booklets, articles and reviews on a wide range of topics, from philosophy to politics. Presently he is deeply engaged with quantum philosophy, postmodernism, post-industrialism and post-capitalism. He is working on emergence of the post-capitalist features of society. He has made several new discoveries in scientific theory. Many of his predictions on STR, quantum philosophy, future of society, new world order, ecology and theory are proving to be correct. He has coordinated the work of Joshi-Adhikari Institute of Social Studies, NM Joshi Centre for Labour Education and Research, Centre for Rural Workers’ Education, All India Progressive Forum and other research organizations and institutions. Presently, he coordinates the All India Progressive Forum (AIPF), a discussion forum. He has edited a theoretical quarterly Critique: A Journal of Critical Theory. He was the coordinator of the documentation work of the Indian labour movement including its oral history in collaboration with the VV Giri National Labour Institute.


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