The Garden and the Cross: A Materialist Interpretation of the Bible


ISBN 9789350021613
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ISBN 9789350021613


In this book, Mohanraj looks at the Bible not as the word of god that a scripture is believed to be but as an allegorical human document. He exposes the fallacy inherent in the biblical myth of creation and scientifically expounds the origin of the universe. Adam and other characters in the Book of Genesis are described as personifications of mankind in the stages of savagery and barbarism. Abraham and Moses, the author explains, mark the beginning and consolidation of slavery respectively, among the Hebrews. The historical books in the Bible are stripped of supernatural elements, treating god as a symbol of different natural phenomena or social forces depending on the context. Judas, the author convincingly argues, is not a betrayer but a naïve militant who was a trusted comrade of Jesus. The author presents ample evidence to establish the historicity of Jesus who is portrayed as a revolutionary and unravels the mystery behind Mary’s pregnancy, thus identifying Jesus’ biological father. The reader may disagree with the author but this book will help him see the Bible in a new light, provoking him to take a second look at his faith and even to change his world outlook.


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