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Structure, Consciousness and Social Transformation: The Adivasis in Thane District, Mahatashtra Denzil Saldanha ,

INR : 1695.00 View Details

A World To Build: New Paths toward Twenty-First Century Socialism

Marta Harnecker ,
INR : 595.00 View Details

The Rise of Big Business in India

Kamal Aron Mitra Chenoy ,
INR : 395.00 View Details

Diametrical Nationalisms: Rulers, Rebels and Masses in Manipur

Malem Ningthouja ,
INR : 895.00 View Details

Rashtravaad, Tyaag Evam Balidan (Hindi)

Ram Avtar Sharma ,
INR : 495.00 View Details

Further Selections from the Prison Notebooks

Antonio Gramsci ,
INR : 595.00 View Details

The Development of Socialist Economic Thought: Selected Essays by Maurice Dobb

Brian Pollitt ,
INR : 225.00 View Details

The New Militants

Murzban Jal ,
INR : 125.00 View Details

Marx on Globalisation

Dave Renton ,
INR : 225.00 View Details