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Sociology/Social Work

Selections from the Prison Notebooks

Antonio Gramsci

INR : 695.00 View Details

OFF-CAMPUS ORIENTALISM: Western University Branch Campuses in the Gulf

Murzban Jal

INR : 95 View Details

Fanshen: A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village

William Hinton

INR : 595.00 View Details

The Chaotic Order: An Unknown Teacher's Pedagogic Travelogue

Avijit Pathak

INR : 250.00 View Details

Grassroots Development Initiatives in India: Rights Based Approach to Development and Advocacy

Sampat Kale

INR : 475.00 View Details

Indian Modernity

Avijit Pathak

INR : 295.00 View Details

The Actuality of Walter Benjamin

Laura Marcus

INR : 395.00 View Details

Structure, Consciousness and Social Transformation: The Adivasis in Thane District, Mahatashtra

Denzil Saldanha

INR : 1695.00 View Details

Further Selections from the Prison Notebooks

Antonio Gramsci

INR : 595.00 View Details